42 dugg – palm angels in the sky testo

attendere prego...

pssht, c’mon
y’all know what the f#ck goin’ on
yadigg (that sh#t flexin’, i’m good)
young pharaoh on the beat
i am too n#gga (ooh, ooh), young and timeless
c’mon, ayy

[verse 1]
pull up on the bros, leave the coupe runnin’
just blew a hunnid on me, this a new hunnid (two hunnid)
avianne textin’ like he miss me, really?
white prezi cost fifty, buss down
it was for a couple, what you up now?
one#ten for a line, pour the cup out
cmg the label so the ‘cat white
f#ck his bm and his sister, yeah, i’m that type
white gold, ap, that’s my new b#tch
catch the speed on the east clutchin’ two sticks
ridin’ .11s on the house, this for you trick
n#ggas always see me out, never do sh#t
doggy bone too sick, call ’em m30
whatchu gettin’ forty, dog
thirty for thirty in the air, i’m perfect
real six inches, ap, two birkins
we ran ’till the wheels fell off or i’m curvin’
never met a n#gga like me, she nervous
a hunnid thousand in the red bag, supreme
young bad b#tch, still i had the beans
say her n#gga [?], turn her back to me
too many racks around, i can’t even flash the cheese
they don’t want problems, on my momma i promise
super bowl, montclair, nineteen products
givenchy, shark hoodie, t#shirt, rottweiler
i ain’t into fashion, baby, i’m just into braggin’
a lotta b#tches celebratin’, actin’ like they had ’em
i’m young and turnt, yeah, that’s cheap
1400, these pants not cheap
i got the whole hood, but doggy who got me?

who got us?
we the boys, we the boys
who got me?

[verse 2]
prolly got a concert off six blunts
ex been in her feelings for like six months
only b#tch around, can’t get f#cked
she was still movin’ around stuff when the benz f#cked
doin’ a hunnid a mile, not just potholes
put a one on a one with my eyes closed
name another young n#gga with two buss cubans
put a link on my dudes, n#gga, f#ck cubans
hit a lotta bad b#tches and i f#ck cubans
keep doggy bone with me ’till he wanna eat
‘coulda want a good b#tch, only want a freak
we don’t pay for p#ssy, every b#tch go for free
i f#ck a n#gga auntie, i f#ck a n#gga niece
fifty#eight for the hoes, break it down in the jeep
forty#eight for the gs, yeah, i left with my n#gga young
stash mob for the trees while i fist with my son
flame got sh#t ‘fore i go and block a n#gga
oh, he f#ckin’ with a move? come and top a n#gga
thirteen, hard and ain’t got it rockin’ with me
yeah, i don’t squash sh#t, i sock a n#gga
nah, for real, ain’t no playin’ with the pape’
come in with the f, she’s playin’ with the drac’
ten glock everything, playin’ in the bape
name another young n#gga with three buss downs
you’re a fool through the mail who just touched down
couple hunnid on her nails, sit the f#ck down
yellin’, “free my uncle neal,” ’till he come back
broad day everything, and i don’t want mans
gotta be careful, dog, but, nah, f#ck that
four high speeds in the ‘cat, where the truck at?
i ain’t never go and played a b#tch with my buff sack
couple chains on, dog, i’m thinkin’ ’bout the patek
highs for my momma, no sleep for my daddy
you ain’t get sh#t lil’ n#gga if you ratted
boys over everything, and we got it tatted
tryna be my main thing, really, b#tch, how?
’cause you a turnt n#gga, i was f#ckin’ with a child
oh, we done burn, n#ggas, everybody droppin’ fire
fifteen for the plane, pyromaniacs in the sky

n#gga, prepare

- 42 dugg testo

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