42 dugg – mr. woody testo

attendere prego...

my mama said i got death on me (my eyes stressed some)
the reason i got this vest on me (ay, n+gga left on me)
h+lluva made this beat baby
b+tch (b+tch)
ayy free lil easy, b+tch
(back to the street sh+t)
and free [?] (back to the street sh+t)
i ain’t [?] in the city (b+tch, b+tch)
f+ck with me (b+tch, b+tch, back to the street sh+t)
back to the street sh+t
b+tch, b+tch, back to the street sh+t (4 gang in this)
i ain’t [?] in the city

i ain’t into talking, la+la+la
ain’t been the same since i got shot (duh)
my leg hurt, but ay, he got dropped
we got [?]
free my pops, f+ck my opps
nah for real (b+tch!)
you gon make more than the news, if you touch my watch
yelling free my n+gga nells ([?])
you ain’t never take a life, i can tell
[?] playing murder in that cell, kinda shook ya
give me dub, i’ll cook it (p+ssy!)
hunnit thousand on me all [?]
seven murders in, all [?]
quick to top something just for looking
quick to drop something, i’m a bully
handgun chop, its a fully
old school chop, mr. woody (mr. woody n+gga, y’all n+ggas know how we coming)
b+tch don’t come around [?] n0body (b+tch)
any n+gga round me [?]
[?] on the wood cause he dropped me
[?] getting mad, cause he had
four chops deep when we ride
big fours, b+tch you can’t [?]
hustle boys, yeah i got it [?]
push yo sh+t back cause he ready
back to the street sh+t
i was gone, now i’m back on the east b+tch
i ain’t [?] in the city

4 gang, to no gang n+gga

- 42 dugg testo

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