42 dugg – it get deeper testo

attendere prego...

young and turnt
hey, i’m doin’ for the bottom, everybody gotta do sum’
cuban link, two+tone (savage)
b+tch i roll, i trap with two phones (dawg), yeah
life, three cars and two homes (skrrt, pull up)
n+gga, what the f+ck is you on? (what you on?)
yeah, turn it up

put my feelings to the side, b+tch, we got a bag
why move to the a? it’s closer to the nash’
i been f+ckin’ with that yay, i’m down to my last rounds, yeah
lil’ ‘cuz been hittin’ the work but i’m needed
i seen his murder, whole, half, like i’m greedy
fell out with my best friend over six grams
now i ain’t got a best man but i got fans
show you how to stretch ten turn it to a hunnid
i just did five hunnid, b+tch, this summer
so anything gun or eighteen, b+tch, run ’em
or anybody payin’ forty+five when you want ’em, it get deeper
my n+gga got a dark cloud over his soul
we all arrested, n+ggas f+ckin’ our hoes
he prolly feeling’ bad, like baby, “i kinda feel”
me, i fly bad b+tch out still
main b+tches, i got twelve, sad b+tches, prolly ten
she say i f+cker her friend, i mean, i prolly did
and i don’t feel bad, my n+gga, i gotta live
turn that switch on, what kinda lame switch that n+gga b+tch on
free my n+gga act’, he shoulda been home
won’t hit the road with nothing that got flint on it
long sleeve caddy with the tint on it
took her to the set, blew a ten on her
that’s your b+tch with doggy, bone, i been on her
it get deeper
remember late nights lurkin’, ridin’ with the reapers
remember i lost that lil’ one, twenties, up in the cleaners
get your sh+t pushed back, n+gga, we been cookin’ rap n+ggas
king of west city, b+tch, i been took that n+gga
i ain’t finessed the city out of sh+t, n+gga, i got fire
range truck, caddy, whatever, n+gga, i’ll buy it

- 42 dugg testo

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