42 dugg – free mine testo

attendere prego...

h+lluva made the beat, baby

if i ain’t had it, i’da seen it (oh, eight hunnid, new t zone)
a little jacket outta neiman’s (couple hunnid, my son go)
even my momma heard screamin’, we needed (i’m back)
if she ain’t bad, i ain’t f+ckin’, a lotta hoes out here
d+ck suckin’ like he hustle (freemen’s them boys, free them boys)
if i don’t know you, i don’t trust ya, free my n+ggas
we the last of a dyin’ breed (it’s only us)
f+ck rappin’, i ain’t tryna get signed either (f+ck this sh+t)
most hoes ain’t sh+t and n+gga i know (all you hoes ain’t sh+t)
most blunts ain’t loud, that’s why i don’t smoke (i don’t want it)
keep a n+gga close by with a glock though (free my n+gga)
i+75, catch us goin’ south on it (do the thang, do the thang)
with a couple thousand blues, leave the iphones
in the v, we the n+ggas you can cop from (y’all know where we at)
on the east, b+tch, we out here tryna drop some (y’all know what we do)
long sleeve comin soon, my summer (here he come)
if you ain’t wanna match, n+gga, you ain’t gettin’ runnin’ (f+ck off weak n+gga)
and if your b+tch fast, prolly ’cause she out here runnin’ (rat b+tch)
n+ggas be lyin’ in the feds, everybody rentin’ (all you n+ggas rent)
reesie tell me, “stay ahead like you could beat this sh+t”
skeet told me, “in the feds, everybody snitch”
even if you got some bread you ain’t beatin’ sh+t (you ain’t beaten’ nothin’)
say he could take it all back, he tryna do it different
buy another thousand beans and a newer rental (i’m on big bags)
buck with these n+gga, talkin’, we don’t fake sh+t (at all)
b+tch, that lean got us talkin’, we ain’t ape sh+t
ain’t sh+t, i can tell by your shoes, n+gga, you don’t lace sh+t
and all i ever knew was juug, dugg, and take hits
i ain’t let sh+t slide if you ain’t this (i ain’t lettin’ sh+t slide, n+gga)
paint him, white sole, trot him right down
you ain’t takin’ sh+t, at least not from a wild n+gga
you ain’t fakin’, bro, say he went on the high with him
i hate lyin’ n+ggas, if he ain’t turnt then i don’t feel ’em
flat out, n+gga

- 42 dugg testo

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