42 dugg – east vs west testo

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[intro: 42 dugg]
on everything, ayy
growin’ on the east, i seen a lot of sh+t
‘member old girl?
even after that, i f+cked a lot of b+tches
i miss you, bro

[verse 1: 42 dugg]
r.i.p. to scooter, i lost a lot of feelings (how you coming?)
z06, my n+gga, that’s without the ceiling (on my mama, ayy)
my youngin doin’ a hundred, that’s without a picture (free them boys, ayy)
no family at all, b+tch, we k!ll for a cost
you get half off on the xans, but ain’t no deal on the dog
like colin kaepernick, ayy, b+tch, just take a knee
these n+ggas out here fastin’, really hate to eat
probably catch me in traffic, n+gga (with what?)
a thirty+two and my savage with me (some buffs)
sh+t, we came from the ground up
i know it hurt you n+ggas when these b+tches hound us
ayy, i’ll really blow this b+tch if i don’t sound tough
and i ain’t braggin’, my n+gga, i’m more than active, my n+gga
i really hit n+ggas’ head, that ain’t no cappin’, my n+gga

[verse 2: bandgang masoe]
we really came from the bas+m+nt, we in the attic on n+ggas
we come through swingin’ them choppers and we ain’t laughin’ with n+ggas
they was scared of o, we was blastin’ at n+ggas
ayy, where the mask and the blender? a young scandalous n+gga
the feds swoopin’ my n+ggas and it damaged a n+gga
tend to get a n+gga four like i’m gamblin’ with it
your mans told on lil’ bro, a whole panther came with it
n+gga, pistol in the party, the dancer came with it
give that b+tch thirty+five hundred, a n+gga cancel your christmas
still play with white squares like i f+ck in the dentist
still’ll sn+tch you out your sh+t without askin’ permission
trust me, i live it
seen it or did it, remember it vivid
you been p+ssy since middle school, i know you ain’t with it
so hot, dugg, we shoot the video, they might come get us
i up this mac, it’s quiet in the room like i’m takin’ attendance
[verse 3: 42 dugg]
a lot of residue from whippin’, mas’, i’m takin’ the dishes
been in love and fell out, sh+t, i had to forget it
two hundred thousand in the couch, sh+t, i’m still from the trenches
my n+ggas fightin’ for they life, i pray it’s fourth and some inches
prosecutors playin’ goalline d
i’m in it for the money, let my hoes find beef
for all my bros i don’t see, hope y’all make it out
i thought that they was hatin’ then, sh+t, they hatin’ now
sh+t so crazy in the 10, came from f+ckin’ with the twins
n+ggas k!lled my lil’ mans, couldn’t even say the route
she like, “dugg, give me the apartment,” you can take the house
came from sippin’ on a rose, now we ace+in’ now
n+ggas tellin’ on my bros, yeah, them statements out
might not never see my n+gga, but i’m wishin’
take me back to 2010, sh+t was different
r.i.p. my n+gga soda, yeah, i miss him

[verse 4: bandgang masoe]
grew up on the westside, seen a lot of sh+t
quick to up my pistol, hit a lot of l!cks, yeah
a n+gga said our name and we was poppin’ sh+t
even to this day, we still droppin’ sh+t
know you n+ggas p+ssy, we the opposite
hit him from the corner, stojaković
the spot so d+mn hot, i wanna hide the b+tch
took a lot of risks to get an icy wrist
your b+tch get in the way and we’ll murk the b+tch
so many b’s in the crib, we need the curtains fixed
your mans out of state, man, they cursive quick
two straps on me, i’m urkel, b+tch
i’m tryna stack it up like that oprah b+tch

- 42 dugg testo

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