410 yd – mafia ties testo

attendere prego...

i made my own shirt so they can’t put me on one
oh, he rap too? cool, awesome!
when you thought i cared is when i think i lost ya

like lil boat, that sh+t dead, put it in a coffin

we finna slide on a monday
sike nah, aye mike mike mike, we gon on a hump day
bad b+tch, gave her a lift from the, uh, runway
dressed up in a suit and ty, no fontaine

we finna slide to his home
like flipp said, b+tch please leave me alone
yo is slow got something wrong in the dome
lul mans, got some extra chromosomes

my brothas really with that action
said he want smoke, i guess we can make that happen
best not let us catch you lacking
you can get put to sleep, no mattress

me n millz in the stu, thumbin
shordy call me cap’n how i’m gon crunch him
we might just slide to the function
but sh+t can pop off n the opps can start running

it’s f+ck donald i ain’t talkin bout duck
i pull out a rack and they like what the f+ck?
hillbilly b+tch, she slide through in a truck
she said yd what are we, i guess now i’m stuck

sike nah, b+tch
i said were nothing
that sh+t is disgusting, end of discussion
hit in his head call that sh+t a concussion
they calling me trump how i hang with the russians

if you get caught up best come up w a alibi
i’m not jewish but i’ll still serve the rabbi
he burnt out off the 10’s said, “i’m not even that high”
best believe that i eat the hate up like a fat guy

there’s sh+t on my floor cause i just let the dogs loose
hear this sh+t and they just turn up the volume
if i wrote a book it’d be multiple volumes
if you my mans know i’d die before i ever cross you

got mad love for my goodmen
your favorite rapper he a junkie, geeking for them 10’s
cash on a female ain’t money well spent
i had her, ish had her cousin, and millz had her best friend

she treat the gang like some icee pops
imma slide thru to her crib in some nike socks
hold on, what he say? i got indicted opps
if they didn’t tell they still might be locked

we finna slide on his back porch
opp eating food, so we tell him make some more
know he ain’t say of course
master yoda how we took him by force

we gon slide to his house while he sleeping
good evening
takin his sh+t, and we creeping like demons
can’t hear a peep and
b+tch can’t even hear us breathing

pacing myself so we not too loud
house party lil b+tch i’m drawing a crowd
making my family proud
boujee lul b+tch buy her nothing she pouts

me and my boys finna take the world by storm
for sure
shut the f+ck up, yo boyfriend a bore
that motherf+cker urking me down to the core

he can get hit like a target
ran out that b+tch and his dogs started barking
then we put them on the market
blow up an opp, no marvin the martian

oh sh+t, it’s back to the old beat
oh, sweet!
best believe my drip is on fleek
philly motherf+cker, he always just quotes meek
pick up a b+tch from southeast, her name monique

know what i’m done with this sh+t
she always off the d+mn runtz got me sick
sammy sprinkles when i spit
count dracula, he get hit with the
1, 2, 3, 4, 5th

- 410 yd testo

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