410 – dirty 30 testo

attendere prego...

who made this? jb made this

[verse 1: skengdo]
no cleaning but we bring that broom
the gun link guys on the g step through
man ain’t fussy, won’t pick and choose, saw him lose us so i will not lose
shoot the boy up, should’ve got 2, 3, 4, donny got few
no video cah man’s not you
no backing out phones when we crash your crew
the trap loves me and i love it too
not a day khakhi my shoes
yutes be acting like b#tches, and, b#tches acting like yutes
who really wants this issue, cah, i’m defo gon’ rinse this dude

[verse 2: am]
it’s h#lla things that i live by
rap capping ain’t one of them
thick screen on my government when i back it out and they buffer it
no bare back i’m gloving it, god knows i’m loving it
bad ones, spin her ’bout, ain’t sitting down she brucking it
dirty, dirty, that one looking all 30
i won’t be home by morning, same way i’m still certi, certi
got a brown one looking all curly
curly, curly
and he knows that i’m doing it early
early, early

[chorus: dani m]
[swedish, needs transcribing]

[verse 3: k27]
skkrt, pull up, reverse, give me some brain
i heard you a nerd i actually came from the dirt
work, work like riri (riri)
only baked beans no mini (mini)
[?] on my life like didi (didi)
smoking pops, kiki
kiri poo, girl, black boy making moves, girl (yaaa)
they can’t do what i do if i pull up with the juice
sing what i do with my darrg scooby doo
let’s go
i’m high as a b#tch
i’m not even thinking straight, and i’m carrying a stick (yeah, yeah)
right now, man, i’m lit
i’m drinking from the bottle we got b#tches at the crib
stop posting guns on instagram
we know that that sh#t ain’t yours, we know all that sh#t a scam, yeah, yeah
do it for us, not for them, that’s why every single one of us is sitting in a benz, yeah, yeah

[chorus: dani m]
[swedish, needs transcribing]

[verse 4: skengdo]
s k e n g d o, you done know who it is
gyal you taking a p#ss, i’m the only one you can think of taking a d#ck
let’s come to the bits, let me bruck your back, break your spine, leave you in bits
don’t tell your friends, i won’t say a thing
tables turn, we live and learn, suttin’s gotta get through
squad and crew are dilligent dudes, step on your block let’s move
out of the way, dududu bow, with blood and drew
h#lla man way too chatty, don’t wanna see me in the mood

[verse 5: elias abbas]
they don’t wanna see me in a mood, [swedish]
one of their drop is selling food, [swedish]
i stash that kilograms like [swedish]

[chorus: dani m]
[swedish, needs transcribing]

- 410 testo

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