410 – brixton to berlin testo

attendere prego...

[intro: casar]
[translation from some next language needed]

[verse 1: am]
when the .44 corn gets buss don’t run
mums gunna cry when they see their son
lost my heart but i found my gun, so won’t be long tryna turn man off

i back my shank, you dash back in the flat
i’m in the streets it’s lovely
tell a broke b#tch don’t touch me, f#ckry, looking all ugly
who, who’s gunna pull my # if you get close you’re lucky
and tings tryna turn man duppy, swear i got dargs no puppy
bally on when i step, this dotty all on my leg
this hammer goes in my creps, it’s fashion week in the ends
over your head, tee looking all red, don’t talk to the feds

[chorus: casar]
[translation needed]

[verse 2: skengdo]
ever since crash, crash, crash, everyone started crashing, madting sadting
don’t be lacking, or, big rambo put that in

no you can’t stop this weather, and i’ma finesse forever

- 410 testo

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