410 – bang testo

attendere prego...

[chorus: shennumbanine]
shennumbanine, skengdo am
finna make up all over these skengs
vraag jg waar zn chain is, bang, bang, bang, bang
there’s the ting, all over [?]
shennumbanine, skengdo am
finna make up all over these skengs
shoot with them, bang, bang, bang, bang
there’s the ting, all over [?]

[verse 1: skengdo]
crash that corn in squads for drill or pro and do that solo
this corn still gonna pop man, [?]
yeah i’m hearing the gun talk, you never let it blow (never)
creep on your block with a bag, just like santa ho, ho, ho
look out for the crashing team, you’ll get more than a bl–dy nose (ching)
sh-t den f-ck that, splash, then i go home with room and board
this ain’t me, ha, slimz, you ain’t done sh-t on the road
anyone, anyone, anyone gets it, it could be friend or foe
any disrespect and you’ll earn yourself a real quick death

- 410 testo

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