40bandkaution, vizual – the affair testo

attendere prego...

verse 1 (40bandkaution):

if i want the world then ima take it
sn#tching up the crown, ignite it up and ima break it
throw it in the trash, f#ck the money and the fame
b#tch, i got the blizzard pumping in my motherf#cking veins
ima put you on the spot, make the crowd feel nervous
calling out your bluff and set you up like you deserve it
i’m the type to run you for the sh#t in all your pockets and i’m dipping out the front door, thank you for your service

call the paramedic cause i’m ripping through the shades
i’ve been breaking all the barriers and running through the gate
in the water with the sharks and ima use you as the bait
i’ve been looking for a challenge so i’m sorry for the wait
what’s the price for your life, set a bounty on my worst one
shawty said i’m devilish and baby i’m a cursed one
momma told me run until i hit it, i’m her first son
underestimating me i’ll put you in a he#rs# with a burst gun

blaze in my hand, it’s a magma cube
i pack a tool, so ratchet, i smack the dudes
i clack the tubes, and send a n#gga back to cuba
track is food, i’m rude, as i pack the tomb
i check the room, and see a couple packs to move
i’ll shaq a fool, at parties ima act a fool
and back to school i go, with an brack to prove
so grab the tool, i’m chilling like a match and cooler

majin buu, you running but i’m watching you
so stop and move, i’m grabbing on my glock to shoot
cause y’all abuse, i swear i’m too hot to lose
impossible, you barefoot, i got the shoes
i clock the snooze, and give a n#gga knots and bruises
light the fuse, and shaking off the bolts and screws
i drive the coop, and put it on the mode to cruise
it’s set to boom, and next you gon make the news

verse 2 (vizual):


40 done let me back into it
thought that i told you this ain’t for your benefit
premeditated the massacre
wouldn’t have noticed my plans are so intricate
i remain calm and collected
claim when you see me i’m barely a threat
thats how i like it, my sk!lls unexpected
i murder a beat then its on to the next

(like ugh)

this sh#t is only the pregame
the smoke’s in the air, yeah, i meant that sh#t literal
let me get blazed for a minute
then light up the venue in 2 minute intervals
keep your composure around me
aventadors screaming, thats getaway vehicles
relax little n#gga. the problems arise
but noise is kept minimal

im on some different sh#t
you let a savage back
n#ggas been k!lling it
look at the aftermath
put them in he#rs#s for cursing
my verses? immersive
i’m searching for snakes in my habitat

put on my cleats and start stomping on slithering pests
get a standing ovation, then lay you to rest
im the best
hand me my vest, i’m a vet with the tecs
if its foul then call it, contest

i intended for this to be next to the greatest
you heard me, my n#gga, i’m meant for the a#list
so when i start charting, just cease all the barking
and face it; your statements are mainly just base#less

shorty collected the dragonb#lls, asked for my shenron, man this sh#t is getting old
call me the king cause i’m cold with this sh#t and no frieza can match with my demon flow

face it, i’m cooler, i’m nicer, with beams i’m a sniper, so watch as the bodies drop
crib is a castle like camelot. price for the pickle is low like a candy shop

these two machine are some k!llers; the body count’s hittin 18, man i do it well
if they ever catch me, i plan to escape, so they better put me in the perfect cell

- 40bandkaution vizual testo

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