40bandkaution – the redemption testo

attendere prego...

hook (40bandkaution):

pop that ass up in the sky, throwing bands so f#cking high, i’m feeling gone
pop it (5x)
sip the best of your supplies, b#tches acting so surprised, i’m feeling gone
pop it (5x)
leave me speechless, make me pray
i ain’t got no sh#t to say, i’m feeling gone
pop it (5x)
make some paper for the day, get your money, make it shake, i’m feeling gone
pop it (5x)

verse (40bandkaution):

gotta get through to the help, i’m abusing myself
i’ve been losing myself for a minute
thinking about the crew in the sh#ll, got a spoof ima sell, and the shoes ima fill when i’m in it
money packed up for the bills, i’m straight
i’m really coming in for the k!ll ,just wait
working all year, i don’t need no breaks
and we out for the night, with the squad we great

you don’t show love, then you just in the way
i don’t got time for the jawns and the fake
you ain’t cook food, then get off of my plate
been saying for a while, we been coughing the hate
shuriken blade, i’ll be landing a blow
stay in your lane and i’m destined to grow
stuck in this game, ima shine, ima glow
i been tryna stack cake for the dame and the bro’s

rolling in the whip with an iced out chain
we’re only in the city when it’s nice out
shawty lemme speak and it might sound lame
but i’m really getting litty when its lights out
wearing my heart on my sleeve and my chest
you ain’t with gang, you a snake, you a pest
if you want pain, i’ma take you to death
ain’t no other way around it, i’m the dane, i’m the best

- 40bandkaution testo

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