40bandkaution – the intermission testo

attendere prego...

hook (40bandkaution):

came in with you, and i left by myself
i’ve been searching for proof, and i’m crying for help
i’ve been losing myself. (2x)

verse (40bandkaution):

i pushed you away, like you didn’t mean nothing, when really i loved you with all of my heart
chasing these b#tches that didn’t want nothing to do with me, you was just playing the part
i know i’m stealing your heart in the end, but i was a terrible friend in the start
my head was a mess, i didn’t know what i was doing, i’m leading myself to bogart

a lot of the sh#t that your homegirls be talking about me is getting inside of my head
thinking if we were together we’d make it official, or maybe i’m being misled
maybe i’m stuck as a hopeless romantic
maybe my wishes will never be granted
maybe i’m f#cked cause i’m trying to plan it
or maybe i’m putting my heart on a granite

i just want someone to hold in my arms
i do not wish to be causing no harm
my only wish is to love and protect
someone’s whose caring and i can respect
i think i’m destined to just be alone
looking at pictures i have on my phone
we look so perfect together my love
you look so perfect, you’re sent from above

- 40bandkaution testo

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