404slim – take off testo

attendere prego...

i’m dropping my top
gucci and prada i buy that a lot
ain’t turning to naught
you all a part if my plot
i’m taking the world over then i’m buying a yacht
i’m selling my soul
so i can get a bankroll
then i’ma buy it back
guess i found the loophole
i do not know who you told
ooh, yeah
payroll outsold
now i’m on top
and i been wearing gold
heart cold like a black hole
in the north pole
with a two tone new patek watch
and that’s white gold
and my flow dark like a piece of coal
but i’m still hot like new mexico
and i’m g-ssed up like its texaco

what are you on
l and a v man that’s louis vuitton
man you are my p-wn
i play you like chess
cause’ i am the best
cause’ i never rest
you know i been stressed
you know i been pressed
i did all this work and i’m finally blessed
i’m tryna impress
and i can attest
that hard work pays off and pays out
i’ma take a breath
i’ma take a rest
i don’t ever rest
i’m a lil’ obsessed
tryna get this bread
tryna get this cash
tryna make it last
used to do the dash
my lyrics was trash
but now i done made it so fast its a flash
i got so much so much money it filled up my stash
i’m driving so fast i hope i don’t crash
i’m hoping my bros won’t come stab me in the back
i’m getting the stacks
i’m getting the racks
ops try to catch me but i never lack
they used to laugh and this my payback
now you gon’ catch me riding the maybach
everything foreign
all ya’ll is boring
i’m up at the top and now they all adore me
this song got no hook but i really destroyed it
uh, yeah

- 404slim testo

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