404 mafia – baby mama pt.1 testo

attendere prego...

[intro: lil drip drip]
ayo me and
me and skooja
in the studio finna go crazy bruh
we got some fat ass b+tches in the stu man
i got this 80 year old prostitute on my d+ck
yea she got that good good ya feel me
smoking on that herb ya feel me
aye but forreal shoutout to my baby mama
she in jail she just blew up a school bus full of children
i love that girl tho
she my she a real one bruh hold it down for her

a l l a h u a k b a r

[verse 1: ssb reggie & lil drip drip]
f+ck that b+tch inside her bed
all these voices in my head
punch me til im f+cking dead
i don’t want to go to bed
too scared that ill wake up dead
punch me in the f+cking head
plеase don’t do cocaine
it’ll f+ck up your brain
i wanna go home
i love my mama
aye ah aye ahh aye ah
free skooja
[verse 2: skooja & lil finny]
im smoking on cookie
it f+ck up my lungs
i bought a new k
it cam with a drum
im king of the hill
it don’t even matter
my hop in a audi
im tryna go faster
im mixing codeine
its all in my blater huh
when it come with no ring
i hit it and pass it (yuh)
i go in there raw, not f+cking with magnum
(no h0m+)
young skooja a boss now working at madden
(zone 6 state of mind)
no matter the cost
i want it i smashing
i’m riding in sauce
she riding in a wagon
that boy taking off
ya boy needa catch up
this come from lil skooja that boy gotta setup
{chours: lil drip drip}
man love you skooja
me and skooja from the 6
and we real young
yea, uh
baby mama
love you
and this grandma

[verse 3: yung tobothon & lil finny]
smoking on moonrock uh yeah
your b+tch give me good top
selling good dope
(shout out tobo)
5 style
in a maserati and the motherf+cker push start uh yeah
(jyto cheats)
watch how i swerve on em
twenty four karat rose gold on em
p+ssy ass n+gga in the way get this cold shoulder
big truck riding around in a range rover
rumm rumm rumm
watch how my diamonds hit
(kd 0.6)
watch how your b+tch on my d+ck
all of my n+ggers get rich
came up in the trap n+gga serving nicks
[verse 3: lil herp & lil finny]
foreign whip
with a foreign b+tch
(zone 6 state of mind)
my money coming in
like a money glitch
blowing os in a 05 coupe
high ass f+ck in my motherf+cking room
gorilla glue in the motherf+cking wrap
sticky fingers i said its no cap
trippy wall with the lsd
wish you was here with me
getting high doing ecstacy
i said i’m in custody

[outro: skooja, lil drip, ssb reggie, g.mike, lil finny]
its ya boi finish ville and i’m back in the trap with the stu fam
yah dig
i come from the studio in it
we from finland
finland skate sh+t yah feel me
shoutout finland uhh
reggie’s part
reggie’s part went crazy
reggie’s part went crazy
my part was the f+cking hardest
aye we from the 6 man remember that remember that
we from the 6
free skooja

- 404 mafia testo

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