404 hendrix ft hpm smoove – demon timing testo

attendere prego...

[hpm smoove ]
lil baby who you talkin to? you know my flows remarkable, wrong word and i’m sparkin you, size you up like i’m sparrin you

my n+ggas don’t play, we move w the k, choppa eat up his face

and if i catch a case, i will not leave a trace, stash the work at my place, you know how we play
he stupid if think i want hit him up
me and gang winners bruh
think you a demon ain’t sin enough
no a+rod but a n+gga will clean em up
i’m like martin n+ggas hate gina bruh
my n+ggas be swerving shoot up his surbarn on the corner swervin work then
i’m teaching you are my students so guess what learning
skip thru the lane , yes i be ballin like kyrie irving
these b+tches be lying 2 keep a bean these b+tches be lurking
i know you’re b+tch be slurping
cheating included flirting
say wrong words , you get murked den
sell him the pack then steal back p+ssy boi can
really get wacked
my trap really be we get the cards run up it the max
keep it a

- 404 hendrix ft hpm smoove testo

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