404 guild – doubt it testo

attendere prego...

doubt it
word of mouth, heard about it
need to know, can’t go without it
missing loads, know he counts it
doubt it
climbed up now, slipping down it
wind me up, nah, simmer down
try to keep it close, but you know he shouted
leaky nose, sober
doubt it
double up, count it
you were never about it
high and low, you ain’t found out
don’t try my phone, i face down it
yeah, t++th picking, flea+bitten
beast in him, trench foot, keep digging down
sick of just sitting around
you’re fickle, i figured it out
hypocrite, hypocrite
sick of it, sick of it
you are a scab and i’m picking it
sick of the ship that i’m skippering
dip on your sh+t, i am differing
knew it, not a lot to it
went in your wallet and it went straight through it
make me a promise and i’ll hold you to it
sewage, i slide right through it
hindsight, i’m blind to it
knеw it, wait
blew it, fake
heads in bits, can’t just gluе it
already did it and you can’t undo it
mute it
flipped a coin, i didn’t choose it
you missed the point, i didn’t lose it
didn’t lie but didn’t truth it, skewed it
wonder why we still do this, who’s this?
acting like you’re all clueless
digging deep but don’t lose it
alarm beep but i snooze it

a cat’s skeleton
the skeleton of… a chicken!

- 404 guild testo

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