404 guild – acid rain testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
why have a smile on your face?
why have a smile at all?
i tried standing tall, and they kicked me down
with a crown of th+rns and an iron sword
i’ll swipe ’em down, and it’s all for the cause
wait, she’s scolding my skin, bragging she wins
i would still grin, the marks of sin
falling, i’m out, catch me about
too fried to shout, too fried to cry
i was afraid, lurking away, too much to do today
too much to face today, get it away
get it right out of my face
i cannot deal with this pain, i cannot deal with this shame
look at this acid rain, burning those stains away

[verse 2]
yeah, stay busy
couple days since you ate, belly ache, fake pity
same sofa, grey teletext said “five minutes” so wait with me
aim steady, rain ready, same petty little hate in me
they’ll stick you up like a fake twenty
enemies, friends, yeah, i made plenty
let me get a taste, no faith in me
saved pennies, stray dogs by the bay buried
and my face sweaty and the gates heavy
but it paid off in the end anyway
slipped up, carpet still could get lift up
closet still could get emptied out
’cause you couldn’t help but stay mixed up, wow
set a date and i’ll get ’round
washed that, still can’t get the stain out (drought)
celebrate when it rains down
back then, medicate any way how
but he still dabbles, coast clear, then the guild travel
boat floats, then i will paddle
take the back door if you hear gravel

[verse 3]
i drive back to where it was done
to see what i’ve become
back then, i was so young
way back when it was done
and i didn’t miss a call, not one
i check for texts but there’s none
watch rain down storm drain run
wait, brace, run
you haven’t heard the worst bit
i never said it’s perfect
now every fall i’m learning
i reckon i might deserve it
let go of that grip, broke rope bridge
river run black like ink
i hope that i float, don’t sink
i clock crocs swimming in the drink

look at this acid rain
burning those stains away
look at this acid rain
burning those stains away
look at this acid rain
burning those stains away
look at this acid rain
burning those stains away

- 404 guild testo

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