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an invitation is you not stopping
so stop your screaming, i want to kiss you consensually
so don’t push me away
don’t let your tears say all that’s all on your mind
so, what’s been on your mind?
i’m the king of the castle
you drown in the mote. i’ll leave without a hassle
i’ll leave you in control

you always accentuate your best qualities
they’re my worst habits
you always wanted the best
but you wound up with me
you hoped for the very best
and you lost it all with me
so don’t look back
it’s far too black, but the future’s not too bright
it’s not looking bright

cross my heart and hope to die
with fingers crossed in case i lie
cross my eyes to hide the cry
until you never cross my mind
just lay there and take it
either love me or fake it
please don’t try to fight
when i leave you here to die
you’ve crossed me for the last time
think about what it is that
you always wanted
and isn’t that what you really wanted all for yourself?
i mean, honestly, i want to kiss you so selfishly
but consensually

- 4 star view testo

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