4 star view – waiting for his taillights to return testo

attendere prego...

maybe falling ain’t enough to scare you off of all that stuff
claiming life just got too rough
daddy’s leaving makes me tough
too much piled on your silver plate, not too long before it breaks
it’s been so long since you walked strait
daddy’s leaving makes you afraid

don’t you feel the rain that won’t let up?
don’t you hear that thunder rolling on?
nothing’s left the weather looking good
trying to understand why daddy’s gone

every minute that you live is another all you have to give
and left here wondering “what if?”
daddy’s leaving and momma’s sick
everything you’ve done is wrong, what the h+ll is going on?
watch the road from the front lawn
daddy’s leaving makes me strong

don’t you feel these walls caving in?
don’t you feel the floor on fire?
nothing makes you want to live again
trying to deny that daddy’s alive
trying to understand that daddy’s done

- 4 star view testo

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