4 star view – unsure testo

attendere prego...

when i drive this road tonight
the rain, the sl!ck, the moon, the lights
so unsure the path i take
to try and find my place

pass the miles red, yellow, and green
and see the signs, not sure what they mean
the trees fly by out the window
no lead on where i go

in the wind, chasing horizons
pretend we’ll meet again
at the prism’s end
a treasure trove
not of gold, no, not this rainbow
but the wishes yet untold

unpaved highway
so i can’t make mistakes

so here i go along the road
so long to things i know
come undonе, become unknown
wait as darkness takеs the sun
in shadows’ song
so here i go, come undone
along the road, become unknown
darkness falls, sunrise stalls
sunlight crawls, once and for all
come unraveled

- 4 star view testo

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