4 star view – u + i = x testo

attendere prego...

like empty suicidal sweet release
i hit my knees, future’s folded and creased
in the depths of your dark soul
i can’t console, impaled through fence pole
like empty bottles bring sweet relief
it’s only brief, they found us dead up on the streets
eyes roll back until they’re white
it blurred my sight, we went down without a fight

the stars fell down to finally die
the moon is full but burning down
the sun’s not our friend, so tonight we’ll be sleeping upside+down

like sweetest nightmares turn to dreams
when kept too clean, no more blood left in your streams
when the midnight bell begins to ring
and angels sing, as they cry bl++dy and dying

you’re an angel with a demon’s eyes
a sheep in a wolf’s disguise
and everything i ever hoped to be true
lost hope with eye contact with you

- 4 star view testo

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