4 star view – to my friends with daughters testo

attendere prego...

a sleepless night in a long month after about nine
you look as sweet in her arms as you do in mine
enjoy this time, those red eyes and toothless smiles
sharing this bed on the pallet blanket pile
because it won’t be long until you start
repeating sounds, running around, and growing smart

make sure your bed is made, i’ll drive you down to the arcade
and we’ll sing and laugh and talk along the way
and you’ll be driving soon
sweet sixteen and prom night moon
and i’ll be at a loss for what to say

worried at night, it was yesterday you cried when i put you down
now you’re wondering what to wear with your cap and gown
we’ll drink tea, just you and me, and talk about the past
i’m a wreck, could you hug my neck and make it last?
because it won’t be long before you start
stealing breaths, turning heads, and breaking hearts

you pull away from me and pick up a degree
spending spring break with your friends
and your summers all with him
your career is on the climb and we talk sometimes at night
on holidays, we will toast holding stems
wearing white in a chapel named after a saint
you’re beautiful though your face is smothered in paint
a bouquet, something blue, you’re soon walking down the aisle
you look as strong in his arms as you do in mine
because it won’t be long before you start
updating us with the most precious christmas card

one last dance, holding hands
not posed for the pictures, but you deliver
a quick kiss, tear+stained wrists, and you’ll be leaving soon
just remember that i’m always here for you
and it won’t be long before you’re setting out
so go have fun, go be strong, go make me proud

- 4 star view testo

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