4 star view – this seems healthy testo

attendere prego...

slinking down astronaut boulevard, put up wet after being rode hard
she unb+ttons the top of her blouse
scoping out all of the cars and works her way up to the bar
to see what interest she can arouse

sad girls and bad boys, persistent innocence destroyed
she’s artistic, he’s resistant. both understand there’s no commitment
both ok to just walk away

he walks into the liquor store and slides a bottle into his shorts
tonight, he’s on the prowl
something to push, something to plow
there’s no future, only now
see what interest he can arouse

he brings home the boy with homemade tattoos
walks past the family portrait, the one without the bruise
he’s convinced there’s nothing to lose
she says she doesn’t mind being used

they take a sip to remember, a sip to forget
another just to finish up this cigarette
ready to burn the day

- 4 star view testo

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