4 star view – the whole ride home testo

attendere prego...

we’re headed back to a place where the girls have double names
like anne marie, maryrose, mary beth, and mary jane
where the clocks tick slowly and only the rolling hills
will slay the sky while the world is standing still

you say you think you know it all
but i’ve known you since three feet tall
delusions and ideas that go nowhere
you only sit still because you’re too scared
let’s let charlie lead us back to there

the skyline fading behind my back
one mile closer to being cut some slack
behind the sky rest the familiar eyes
while only nightmares lead to children’s cries

after this long drive we’ll see the yards that have hid from our view
where the forest doesn’t always hide the trees
we’ll be getting back real soon
nothing there has to make sense
just laziness and patience

sift through the evidence of slow decay
add the catalyst to fuel the flame

- 4 star view testo

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