4 star view – the superman song testo

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run, go duck for cover if you think you can
now that the hero’s gone, what’s your plan?
are you gonna sit and moan like a guy at the gallows pole
saying “please, someone come save me from the wrath of this man!”

it’s the day that superman died
trying to save us from the bad guys
it’s the day that superman died
when he fell down from the sky
we called him the man of steel
but now he’s just roadk!ll
it’s the day that superman failed and now we’re all gonna die

you’ve got a head start but it won’t help you in the end
you can try to survive, but you know you’ll never win
if the greatest hero of them all couldn’t make it through without a fatal flaw
what makes you think you will?

- 4 star view testo

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