4 star view – the acting life testo

attendere prego...

these two night stands are adding up
i’ll tell you more after this cup
of bud heavy stills make shaking hands
i don’t believe i’m in love with you
it’s happened, though the times are few
for now, these shooters are my only friends

follow these white highway lines
out past the city limit signs
where i’m going, h+ll, i still don’t know
somewhere quick away from this
i got a few cases and a fifth
maybe i’ll be there before it’s all gone

this road is empty and sl!ck with rain
every night it’s always the same
i’m running from someone i left behind
if i get stopped, i’ll wind up in jail
it can’t be much worse than this h+ll
that i’ve created in my heart and mind

am i thinking of california?
am i longing for mississippi?
what about texas or kansas?
or maybe the cold shores of maine?
there’s not a state in mind to fit my state of mind
my tires are balding, my head is spinning

- 4 star view testo

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