4 star view – terpsichore testo

attendere prego...

katie ann, she’s gotta dance
katie ann’s got a long line of fans
katie ann in the sand, on mud, and dry land
katie ann, she’s gotta dance

gonna talk to her momma
gonna tell her pa
the way this girl keeps moving
beats all i ever saw

gonna talk to her sister
say she’s on a roll
the music can’t resist her
anything, fast or slow

she swung into a store
with nothing in her purse
the owner said “don’t matter
‘cause you make our hearts burst!”

she boogies round the bar
she waltzes through the world
and all you see are stars
when her dress starts to twirl

she don’t care to run
can’t take her on a stroll
she’s fatalized fun
got that rhythm in her soul
she’s not keen on slowing
even if she takes a fall
she just keeps going
like stopping’s against the law

she never rests or stalls
she can’t miss a step
got a dance floor installed
as the footboard of her bed

- 4 star view testo

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