4 star view – tabitha 16-22 testo

attendere prego...

you say i’m much too old for you ever date
or that you’re too young
maybe you were born too late
wait two more years and then you’ll be 18
but come this december, i’ll be graduating

there’s no need to worry
i’m not talking statutory
you’re far too pretty to be so young
forget our age and focus on us

i want to get to know you but you say you’ve heard enough
and what would people say if they heard about this stuff
you tell me that i’m random and with me you’re never bored
i’ll take you out to eat, wherever i can afford

let’s go to the movies or watch your favorite show
you laugh and shake it off and say you’ll never go
but i’ll take you to the park or do anything you wanted
and you could keep my heart because you’re not old enough to p+wn it

just a few more hours of your time and i swear i could make you mine

- 4 star view testo

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