4 star view – somewhere south of memphis testo

attendere prego...

somewhere south of memphis, i heard the angels sing
and west of birmingham, i dreamed in the driving rain
if the sun don’t shine, you better make it yourself
and radiate with all that’s left
maybe there’s still time to board that train

somewhere north of jackson, and east of baton rouge
tuckered out, i saw the light and my soul was moved
from churches, i heard the sound
up and down streets and around the town
a tide across rock, gospel, and the blues

somewhere between the river and the tenn+tom waterway
where 45 runs across 78
with worn out shoes, i hitch a ride
from the overlook, saw the sunrise
and found myself a home out on the trace

and i won’t ever leave here again
come what may
and i found a tie to sacred kin
won’t come all frayed
and i got cozy in my skin
think i’m going to stay
and i won’t ever live here again
going to dig my grave on the natchez trace

- 4 star view testo

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