4 star view – simile of a smile testo

attendere prego...

i’ll close my eyes through all of this screaming
tightened embrace locking h+rns with a demon
impossible to overcome
when he tosses me into this grave
i’ll claw myself out, i’ll find my way back into the rising sun

could you teach me how to smile?
i swear i’ve been up all night
learning how not to cry and be satisfied to think everything is fine
swept up in the rising tide

steps forward toward where i came up
sunlight breaks through the pouring rain
in this small town it’s easy to get stuck
if boards aren’t put down to cover the ruts
in a lion’s mouth with dragon’s breath
hold me closer, i’m scared to death
well, this boy’s being redefined and my version of the truth is denied

could you teach me how to smile
and say everything is all right
even if i know it’s a lie?
how can i be satisfied when i never learned how to fly?
but crawling leaves me further behind

predispositions are realigned
there was a time i tried to shine
but never quite could find my light
before i was blinded by the bright white shining faces from on high
whispering in my ear trying not to pry
bury me now in the evening sky
reborn by the baptismal pills prescribed
teach me wrong from right
how to tell the truth from lies
to distinguish dreams for signs
be reborn from between these medical thighs

could you teach me how to smile?
and maybe to feel worthwhile when the inches turn to miles?
i want to be satisfied to think that i would have tried to return to the golden times
and smile for a while in a foreign world

- 4 star view testo

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