4 star view – shattering the legacy testo

attendere prego...

i awake in a white room without any air in it
a metallic film coating my tongue and lips
the restraints have loosened, but my lungs struggle
to find the meaning among the tainted disorder
the white coats say a delusional creation from an unsound mind
damaged by years and fears unravelling like twine

another systematic shock to windless sails
the left hand is broken (but with means to repair)
docs say b+tterflies, zebras, moonbeams, and fairy tales
or maybe not, but i’ve heard that somewhere

erupt again, destroy the filth, that is what matters
a padded cage, a stained world lies tattered
a small white cup, they assure me is salvation
bitterness in their eyes can’t cut revelation

or maybe it was hopelessness, they need the win
i can smile and speak of my childhood trauma
make up creations, screen+write a film, pretend
that this conclusion all stemmed from disregarded drama
it’s barb+wire wax and an incandescent filament
i am an instrument, slave to this incident

one day soon, a stamp of approval will be placed on file
back in the world, suitable to rejoin society and smile
i remember when emotions weren’t dead, and i still long to feel
so i crush and flush each recommendation, each coated pill
if he is gone, there is no me or no serving higher purpose
but he’s still here, i can feel his total lack of remorse
how many roads can a man walk down?
did the doctor ask me that? i know i heard it somewhere
there are two men here, i am a vessel for the soul
the spirit of vengeance
the heir of righteousness
if only one remains, it should not be the urn
it will be the one whose heart still burns

in this dank and antiseptic place, we can portray, we can convince
we can play it safe and displace the disarray, act as my conscience
it’s not pushing you down or locking you in a cell
it’s a temporary roleplay to disguise the grail
once you are free, i will retreat, you can take your rightful throne
control my head, my heart, take this self as your own
there is still work to be done
oh, god, forgive me my trespasses
forgive me for lying

- 4 star view testo

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