4 star view – safehouse testo

attendere prego...

take your pills, take my hand
take a life, take a stand
a different breed, a different strand
no one’s child in no man’s land
nothing to see, nothing to learn
cross the line at every turn
streets of gold, glazed in red
act pro tem in his stead

i laugh when i see their cries
i am lullabies
kept in cut time
i wait, strap me down
eyes like a th+rny crown
to take me out

no more time, nothing to say
lesson end, call it a day
more headstones, less headaches
pray the lord my debt to pay
nothing to see, nothing to lose
cross the line, i come for you
your ruinous blood is breeding red
this could move my will instead

the light goes out in your eyes

- 4 star view testo

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