4 star view – reflection of hope testo

attendere prego...

h+llo my distant grey friend
it’s been a while since we walked in darkness and
abandoned footprints
oh, how i long to go
back to the zone where no winds blow
we’ve all got a dark side
get lost in yours and try to hide

it seems that gravity is depleted between you and me
we find tranquility and get
lost in her arid sea
and i desire to ride in your derived tide
on sling shot eagle’s wings we glide
with gods of time and of light

in ’68 you looked alone from this crowded room’s window
in ’69 we first met when strong arms took a small step
it’s been since ’72 that i
last got lost on you
your reflected light’s on my mind
shines bright by the shoreline night

you’ve made new friends since then
it won’t be long until i’m in your hands again
i’ll toe the line
i’ll buy us time
i’ve got supplies and a souped+up disguise
redesigned an all new ride
so hold on tight
with refocused eyes
we’ll watch the earth rise

- 4 star view testo

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