4 star view – racquetballs and moonbeams testo

attendere prego...

we don’t do it because it’s easy but because it’s hard
unswaddle the mystery in the blanket of stars
stare into the void, trajectory by charts
uncharted territory for humanity at large

the capsule sent, we pitched a tent on this virginal land
made from fragments from the firmament and fractured strands
of hopes and dreams and benefits numerous as grains of sand
relayed and played riding on s+ and ka+ bands

journey begins from a paradisic pad
flames and fears and fame combined highlight the path
through the unknown, sunlight sparkles into black
one giant leap propels us forward building on our honored past

immortalized in color on the rec center’s wall
all who wander by stand staring and stall
geometric shapes triangulate the immortal call
remember predecessors, on their shoulders we stand tall

- 4 star view testo

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