4 star view – poker face testo

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don’t want to leave you brokenhearted
it’s been so long since we two started
and i can’t help lying here tonight
old thoughts of us keep running through my mind
i remember how things all used to be
reassuring, we’re kissing erotically

i can’t apologize
it’s just how i feel
i can’t see growing up without you here
i can’t let go, i want to go home and
meet you at the door with no clothes on

don’t want to leave you brokenhearted
not been too long since you left me the same
what would happen if i said i’m in h+ll
singed to the bone while under your spell?
i need your embrace, soaking wet
so hard to sustain what is so hard to get

in the shower, i’ll collect your hair and make a doll to be my only friend in there
i’m not insane
do you think it’s a game?
with your poker face on it’s always the same
it’s not the tears
my eyes are red from fear
i’ll carve into the wall that you were once here
and i can’t apologize
for things i’ve done wrong
you know that my heart is my most erogenous zone
i won’t let go
i want to go home
and hold you at the door with no clothes on
i can’t apologize
i guess it’s just me
i can’t be expected to live up to your dreams
i won’t let go
with you, i’m at home
come, hold me tightly once more before i’m gone
with no clothes on

- 4 star view testo

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