4 star view – pieces of you testo

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there’s a piece of you in everything i do
your eyes watch over me at night when i’m dreaming
your hair rests on my shoulder, your head on my chest
in the morning you steal my breath
i stumble and fall, you have it all

your reflection’s in the rear view mirror
your hand on my leg
the street passes quietly with your legs on my dash
your fingers through my hair
your voice with the radio, it’s the only sound i know
all the time we swerve around these curves …and we crash

i collect your blood in this bottle
your fingers in my pockets
staring into your blank eyes
placing hair in my wallet
and your tooth’s around my neck on a chain
i don’t know if i can pick up everything
every night i always pray
while these souvenirs will keep me awake
there’s a piece of you in everything i do
i keep these pieces of you

- 4 star view testo

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