4 star view – personal porter testo

attendere prego...

this bright eyed girl i know
she went to the expo and she made waves
with the grace that she gave
now, she’s on a lake
but she doesn’t leave a wake, her engine froze
but this girl knows

it’s alright
in the air, she breathes light
she makes her mark
reflection’s bright
in the glare, she just might
leave it parked

the weight she holds
she never folds, i’d wait in line
just to hold her up high
and so she shines, made of escher lines
physics has no place
at this girl’s pace

it’s alright
on the stairs, she climbs light
she leaves her mark
perfection’s blight
in her prayers, she just might
leave it parked
she doesn’t mind the check engine light
and it’s orange glow
because she’s got seeds to sow
so she drives
and it keeps her alive, her faith is strong
that she’ll roll along

it’s alright
the weather’s fair in the moonlight
ready, on her mark
her timing’s tight, on a dare she puts it in drive
and gets her start
yeah, she gets her start

- 4 star view testo

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