4 star view – our favorite pastime testo

attendere prego...

blaming myself is a little too naïve or maybe a little too hard to believe
you’ve been preparing for the worst
i’ve been hoping for the best

we’ll shoot the moon and watch it die
i’ll take this wooden spoon and gouge out our eyes
we’ll steal the stars and place this back in the sky
and say good night

on the back porch, watching the cars as they pass
wondering which of life’s questions i should ask
so, i’ll say in like a s+d+st
i’m not scared to die, maybe just excited
at this intersection of my life
i don’t know

sight of the car crash, this is no accident
let’s call it fate, i’ll take the blame for it
and i’ll take the fall
meanwhile, the rain is sl!ck
the passing headlights spin and make me sick
under the overpass
i’ll fake it all

see those bloodshot eyes burning holes straight through the side
i’ll lay down tonight and hope to learn to fly
tomorrow may not come around, so kiss me while you can
and stay the night
or say good bye

- 4 star view testo

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