4 star view – one mile past testo

attendere prego...

broken sunlight through my window
bedroom’s door cracked up the middle
darkness drives out all the light
eternity past in a lonesome night
the future will repeat the past
will this breathing be my last?

the mind’s washed away in the flooding rain
one last chance to flush away the pain
desperation, but i can’t complain
i’m not going crazy, just feeling a little drained

“no” doesn’t mean i hate you

my car is shaken by the wind
will i make it, i guess that depends
one wrong move and the world will crumble
on my shoulders, if i should stumble
one mile over, one mile past
one mile closer to my last

my dreams will shatter in the sky
moments before my oceans dry
the tower’s falling down on me
the chains won’t break to set me free
the world forgets when we’re past
will these moments be the last?
one more night, a few more minutes
a couple more times doesn’t mean commitment
a second thought about bad feelings
stomach’s in knots most every evening
it’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’s wrong, i’m gone

“no” doesn’t mean i hate you
i’m not going crazy, just feeling a little drained

- 4 star view testo

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