4 star view – night like this testo

attendere prego...

moving underneath the moon and neon lights
blue jeans, your hands creeping up your thighs
grey shirt tied up tight above your midriff
later, set sail to see how far we can drift
take it to the couch, i’m about to bask in your glow
yeah, i feel you now, but we’re so tired, we’ll let it grow
it grows

you said, “i can see that you want that kiss”
you said, “it won’t happen on a night like this
it’s been so magical
it won’t happen on a night like this”
but you won’t let go
“it won’t happen on a night like this”
“it won’t happen on a night like this, no”

seeds sown in the plot i worked hard to tend
takes so long to grow the sprouts and to defend
against threats of pests and storms and weeds in the field
sure bet, we’ll be happy with the harvest yield
take it out on the town, we’ll turn the world upside down
yeah, i feel you now, wash over me and let me drown
i drown

how many times can we run through the rainbow
before the colors fade as we slide down the flow?
so we reach and grasp the edge of the moon
we look upon, with our breath drawn
we take the dawn and wrapped ourselves in this cocoon
skid through the sp+ce as all matter deconstructs
yeah, i feel you now, and we’re about to erupt, we’ll erupt

- 4 star view testo

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