4 star view – my cheated heart testo

attendere prego...

these burning memories won’t help a thing
temporary relief for this long+term pain
faces are melting, our smiles are ash
all up in smoke, just like yesterday’s trash
the flames extinguish all the tears in my eyes
this pain helps to fuel all of your lies

i guess i lost all faith
when i saw him running down your face
you’re on your knees, but you’re not praying
i lay face down but i’m not playing dead this time
i really died tonight

i’m trying to sleep, not solving a thing
maybe i was better off not admitting the pain
my heart is breaking while these demons pull
this bottle is empty, this gun’s a mouthful
this holy water, it burns like fire
down my crooked throat to reveal the liar

- 4 star view testo

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