4 star view – moon spell testo

attendere prego...

paradise! behind homemade masks hides a brilliant smile
moon spell shines phosphorescent as your wooden eyes
san mateo stars fall with wishes in a tail spin
after dark, worn out faces disguise the shape we’re in

moonbeam dancing by the stage
slipstream into a different age
daydream the nights to twirl around
snow queen comforts as theia writes it down

could we rewind, freeze the frame in that moment of time?
the wilbury, laughing, talking, until a quarter to three

hold you up, the grace on pace to fill our cups
to overflow, gliding toes won’t even touch the floor

ten of swords, reversed, rebirthed to play the fool
just rewards, pulling threads out these arcane spools
the world is bending, trying to hold the seams
and we’re upending staring down these void dreams

be the anchor and hold fast to the set
not strangers, friends we haven’t met yet
if it’s mistake, we’ll let fate mark it with “stet”

wisconsin smile warmed in florida light
bathing in brilliance beside the breaking tide
you should know that your lighthouse glow is the brightest thing i’ve known
cuts through the fog 300 miles from shore
ever since you came through
stirred style in this sterile room
could you come back soon?
renew the view, curfew removed
she’s a constellation in mortal encapsulation
creation died of hunger with each song it sung her

- 4 star view testo

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