4 star view – monster mashed peas testo

attendere prego...

i was kicked off of the track team, i never learned to run
somehow by walking slowly, i caught up to anyone
oozing intimidation, i personified fear
lately i’ve been slowing down with walkers and electric wheel chairs

so there i was, incontinence and gloom
i can’t remember the way back to my room
diagnosed with psychosis and organ cirrhosis
i’m only coughing phlegm when i used to breathe doom

there’s no lotion in the basket, i used it on my skin
to try to fix these liver spots; i outgrew my skin suits again
the freezer’s gone empty, i can’t do the chainsaw dance
the family’s getting hungrier, and today’s youths don’t drive vans

my fangs have gotten brittle, i can’t turn into a bat
had to buy a larger cape, to cover my hunching back
i once knew how to hypnotize, now i have my doubts
afraid to sleep with the coffin shut, i might not make it out

i’ve grown deaf, with cataracts the full moon’s not so bright
no one hears my ho+rs+ yelps when i try to howl at night
it’s hard to k!ll anything but time at this antiquated age
my bowels always giving me fits, too tired for fits of rage
i used to fill your dreams
nightmares on the silver screen
now i am lucky to get a pity scream
i can’t give it up
this is all i am
the downside of eternal life, the aging of the d+mned

- 4 star view testo

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