4 star view – melinda’s changing currents testo

attendere prego...

melinda came down from the mountain and wound up down by the sea
well it’s a change and a brand new life, but she’s humming the same melody
the view from the window’s changed, no more icicles or snow white peaks
it’s been replaced with palms and white caps that break on the beach

mindy, you’ve roamed for so long
a plethora of places to call home
virginia, colorado, and even tennessee
you found a place out by the sea
it’s just where you want to be

don’t panic if the atlantic starts to call your name
wake up one morning and everything’s changed
the road’s winding, but it’s the one you’re on
decipher the glass, because you can’t be wrong
it’s the way that you fit in them jeans
and that comfortable voice and that confident scream
that has all these ships wrecked on the beach
and keeps you offshore just out of reach

watson, could you help me with this case?
h+ll of a body with a heavenly face
he whispered softly, “it’s elementary”
it’s that smile and face and sensibility
that sends you nightly howling at the moon
waking up in that wooden sun+drenched room

- 4 star view testo

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