4 star view – mary beth (broken call button) testo

attendere prego...

take a sip, beautiful
i filled this cup for you
with all of our dreams of ice bergs and beauty queens
and on these restless nights
you’re all that’s on my mind

i’ll call you just to say
though you’re states away and next to the bay
mary beth
i love you to death
leave the light on, please
but don’t wait up for me

i look at the southern sky
and wish to god i wasn’t scared to fly
in california do you think of me walking around those crowded streets?
every time a plane flies over head, i’ll wish you were here instead

how did we get in this mess where you’re always somewhere else?
please don’t give up on me yet, you’re still the promise i wish i’d kept
your angel’s touch could save me from this place, i’ll keep the wine out just in case

hear your heart beat while you’re stealing mine
just like every other time
while you’re sitting in the window seat, i hope you think of me
and know my thoughts are expressly implied
before you say good bye
know of everything in my life
you’re by far the best, my sweet mary beth

- 4 star view testo

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