4 star view – letter to a friend in the west testo

attendere prego...

hey, deezy, it’s been a while, tell me how have you been?
heard you live in the city and got a job right out of town
it’s like you were cut from the pages of my favorite fairy tale
and every time it rains, oh god, i still see your face

i hope it’s smoothed over, things were tough for a while
hope you’re burning through canvases and breaking a leg on that stage
earlier this evening i found myself a rusted park bench
it made me think of you that night on the square

have you shot any pool? have you sung karaoke?
have you dressed up as a dead bride with white on your face?
we miss you like hot tea misses crumbly scones
and although sometimes alone, i hope you never feel scared

things are fair to middling here, not much has changed
still working the same job, and our fingers to the bone
sometimes we still see you sitting there at our table
sometimes we hear your voice when singing with the radio

do you ever just stand there and watch the fog cross the bay?
finding new museums or a crazy good cup of joe?
and little deezy, take some time to appreciate it all
you made your way all around this crazy old place

hey, deezy, don’t you ever feel let down
don’t give up, you know, one day you’ll rule the world
thought i’d drop you a note just to let you know
that though on separate coasts, you’re never alone
oh and one more thing deezy, please stay strong
give them h+ll, kid, and show them all what you got
i’m so proud we had that time together
and if i had a sister, i swear i’d wish it was you
if i had a sister i’d sure wish it was you

- 4 star view testo

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