4 star view – jacob’s army testo

attendere prego...

i woke up in a bed all covered in blood
after a drunken night when it was filled with love
laid on the wet bathroom floor and the lights above me soared
scrawling my thoughts up and down the wall
sometimes, we don’t feel like myself at all

why won’t these dreams go away?
i’ve got an army of the fallen sent to protect me
they’ve tried to lynch me seven times, but i made it out alive
by the grace of god i somehow survived
don’t ask so surprised

drove three hours to a place i used to call home
these hallucinations chose to hitch a ride along
calling me names i’ve never heard
speaking in unknown words
telling me why i received the call
sometimes we don’t feel like myself at all

i have tried so hard recently and failed
oh god, i could use some help
your left hand is weak and bruised
or maybe he’s blown a fuse
my sane is confused and i view the flailing fall
sometimes we don’t feel like myself at all
what have i done?
what have i become?
i’ve made them pay for their sins time and again
so tonight i will pay for mine
or maybe i’ve seen the light

don’t act so surprised for me, maybe i’ve seen the light

- 4 star view testo

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