4 star view – j.i.t. testo

attendere prego...

i’m eating out of boredom, i’m drinking out of desperation
the wine from our special night, pop the cork and sit here by myself

you left me alone here
you left me like a stray
maybe i am not alright
maybe i could use some help

i can’t take another verbal fist fight
let’s call it even, let’s call it a night

this paranoia is going to k!ll me, i see these eyes the way they drill me
like words i always meant to say, like haunting imaginary friends

they left me with dementia
they left me like a stray
maybe i don’t think that way
maybe i will die again

i wish that tonight you’d sleep by my side
but i know you won’t because you want time alone

maybe i’ll get through this
maybe i’ll never get away
you left me alone to do this
you left me like a stray

- 4 star view testo

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