4 star view – it looks like rain testo

attendere prego...

dark skies, damp air
it looks like rain today
when i look outside through the window
i can see the way our world was really meant to be
but it looks like rain, clouds the sunshine can’t cut through
and it breaks out the pain though there’s nothing i can do
and the light, would you shine?
then everything would be just fine
but it looks like rain
if i close my eyes, i can imagine nothing’s wrong
and i know that if i keep the faith, it won’t be long
until the day when we won’t have to close our eyes just to see
the way our world was truly meant to be
and it looks like rain
oh, lord, come quickly we need you to replace
the mess that we all helped to make, if the light would just shine

- 4 star view testo

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