4 star view – icarus wings testo

attendere prego...

i’ll never wake up again to feel your breath on my skin
i can’t make myself pretend that you meant the things you said

i guess you done up and gone
right when you knew everything was wrong
so i bought myself icarus wings
and i melted on the ceiling

i still smell you on my bed and feel the memories tied to it
but it’s not you that feels my lungs, it’s not you carrying me to the sun
the candle’s lit and i set your plate, but you’re not showing up today
and i’m not leaving again because this wax has burned my skin

i’ll grab the chainsaw and spread your pieces on the lawn
and chase you to the northern sky, a compassed heart as my guide
a silhouette bleaches the night because the sun refused to fight
you were a needle and tourniquet, you were the key but i never turned it

it’s always you that’s out of reach and you’re not waiting up for me
i’m taking time to learn to fly but these wings are useless for this crime
these wings are useless for this time

- 4 star view testo

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